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Virtualization and SAN setup
Posted: 18-05-2010
Several months ago we slowly started building our future virtualization-platform and the SAN it'll be using.
By now we have most of its core setup to our liking, using mostly HP hardware. The SAN core is an active/passive fail-over setup (with active mirroring between them) of 2 iSCSI systems running Raid 1+0 with battery backed Cache on their SAS disk arrays.
There's a number of Virtualisation frontends ready for service as well (HP & Dell) which we'll use to offer Virtual Dedicated servers based on Xen. This setup support live-migration so customers shouldn't be affected in case there is maintenance on one of the frontends.

You can expect pricing for our VDS products soon.

Self-owned IP Space for Gothica
Posted: 18-05-2009
After having had to move our servers around several times the last few years, and with that having to change IP numbering for our servers, Gothica finally have their own /24 Provider Independant IP Address space. If for whatever reason we have to move servers again, we can continue using the current IP addresses for the servers.

This also enables us to change routing from our servers to specific groups of customers, delivering the best latencies where possible.

Preliminary UT3 Pricing
Posted: 20-12-2007
Today we released our UT3 server prices. Prices for the 12 slots and lower private servers will probably stay unchanged, higher slotcounts and public servers might see a slight pricedrop if situation permits.

(Dutch) Added payment by iDEAL
Posted: 08-10-2007
As of today people with a Dutch bankaccount with online banking enabled can make their payments towards us using iDEAL. To make a payment, log in on this site and go to 'My Invoices'. From there the payment should be self-explanatory. If for any reason you cannot succesfully log in or are unable to view your invoices, please let us know and we wil fix the problem as soon as possible.

New IP addresses
Posted: 12-03-2007
Finally we are posting another update on our site. Yesterday our servers were finally moved for the last time after a rather hectic year of several moves and/or IP-changes. The old and new IP addresses: -> -> -> ->

Users on the machine with IP wil get the new information by mail. Now this move is finished, we are finally able to finish some of our management scripts that we have been planning for a longer time already.

Pricing scheme alterations
Posted: 07-05-2005
Per June 1st 2005 we will be introducing some alterations to our gameserver pricing scheme (base pricing for games will not be changed).
The biggest change will be that we won't charge an additional fee for paying by paypal1) anymore. Besides this, we'll give discounts2) based on the number of months you pay at once: 5% discount for 3 months, 7.5% for 6 months or 10% for a full year.
Last change is that when renting more than one server from us, every server after the first will get 12.5% discount (The most expensive server will be the 'first', all others will receive the 12.5% discount).
1) The minimum accepted paypal payment is 15.00.
2) For private servers this discount excludes servers of the 1v1 and 2v2 type.

New servers added
Posted: 30-01-2005
Friday last week, we finally added a few more servers at our server location in Rotterdam. With this we will have more room for growth, while ensuring the level of quality we have been able to guarantee in the past. We upgraded cpu's for Mimi for one, which now runs Dual 3,06/533 Xeon in stead of the previous Dual 2,4/400 Xeon. Besides this we added a large fileserver, which will simplify management and maintenance tasks in the near future, next to enabling us to offer even more mods for different games by default.

Happy new year!
Posted: 03-01-2005
Gothica.nl wishes everybody a very happy new year, and hopes none of you had any bad injuries of firework accidents.

Webserver downtime
Posted: 03-01-2005
As some of you may have noticed, the webserver experienced a short outage just now (about 5 minutes all in all). This was caused by a failing upgrade procedure, which was easily fixed. We took this opportunity to quickly upgrade a few other software packages as well.

New (additional) serverlocation
Posted: 10-11-2004
As our "old" location (Groningen, the Netherlands) has been experiencing some network latency issues (caused by a reall stupid mistake of it's engineers, as is known to us by now), we have placed some of our servers in a new location (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). Overall most of our existing customers have equally good or better latency to this new location, so although the problems in our other location are fixed, we will keep a number of machines in Rotterdam, so customers can decide which location suits them best.

New website
Posted: 03-08-2004
At the moment we're working on a new website. We hope to have it, or at least it's added functionality online in about a month.
We will also be adding another server (dual xeon) around next week, of which we'll be adding the hardware specifications to our serverinfo at the end of this week.
And last but not least, the new site will be accompanied with some pricedrops.

UT2004: FragOps
Posted: 29-07-2004
From now on, people who rent an Unreal Tournament 2004 (ONS/AS) server can have it switchable with UT2004: FragOps at no additional cost. To add FragOps switch to your existing server, please mail to our support address, or contact us through IRC.

Various Game updates
Posted: 24-05-2004
Today we updated all Unreal Tournament League Assault servers to the mods' latest version, 136b. Tomorrow morning we'll update all UT2004 servers to AntiTCC1.15a as ageed upon.

[UPDATE] All servers have been updated this morning, and we also took the opportunity to install the recently released Community BonusPack 2 - Volume 1 for which you can find some good mirrors here. Beware, it's almost a 200MB download.

Servers upgraded
Posted: 22-03-2004
During last weekend we revised the hardware of 2 of our machines. Merel, the webserver, moved to a different casing which has better cooling. Matthijs has been fully replaced, except for it's cpu's. Both systems are running raid from now on, for additional data integrity. We'll revise Muad-dib, the dual amd gameserver, very soon as well plus an additional server will be placed after which we'll start expanding our services (especially we'll become more active in offering (business) webhosting.)

New : Public Servers
Posted: 03-03-2004
From now on we also offer public gameservers. Prices are subject to change, in the event they'll increase, this cange will not be reflected during your current contract. If they however are lowered, the difference will be settled on the next invoice you receive. We are still deciding about offering BF1942 servers (and there mods), might you be interested, don't hesitate to contact us.

CPU Upgrade Muad-Dib
Posted: 13-01-2004
This week we will be upgrading Muad-Dib with two AMD Athlon MP 2400+ cpu's. We're also planning to expand our number of servers with a new Dual Xeon machine, next to the previously mentioned dual P3 machines we'll be adding shortly.

Happy New Year
Posted: 01-01-2004
Gothica wishes everybody a very happy new year and we hope everybody came through new-years eve in one piece. 2004 will be a year of growth for us. We will start focussing on more than just the hosting of gameservers. Especially colocation will be an aspect where we aim at growth for the northern part of the Netherlands. We'll go for it, will You?

New server placed
Posted: 30-12-2003
Today we finally placed the already awaited dual AMD server to host all Half-Life mods on since the AMD platform performs better for those games. Besides this we've made plans to add three more dual P3 grade machines very shortly to be able to physically seperate the web- and databaseservers from the gameservers.

Servers succesfully replaced
Posted: 13-10-2003
Since the website itself was offline a bit longer than planned, I added this update today and not sooner. Last friday we succesfully updated and upgraded our servers. Deviating from our original plan we had both servers installed at the same time, and also equipped the 2nd server with to 1266MHz tualatin P3's to give it just a bit more juice.

New Website Layout
Posted: 23-09-2003
To make the maintanance and updating of the site easier, we're currently writing a CMS for it which should give us just what we need. With this update we'll have the site transfered in a compressed form to all browsers with support for it to shorten the loading time of the site.