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Virtual Dedicated Servers (also: VPS)

Every VPS you rent from us will run on our redundant server environment, based on HP Proliant servers and Cisco switches.
It consists of several HP Proliant DL360 front ends and DL380 backends used for a redundant iSCSI setup which hosts all High Availability VPS disks (Hardware based on all 10K SAS disks in Raid 1+0).
All systems are equipped with 2GHz or faster Dual and Quad Core CPUs and between 12 and 36GB of Ram.
The Cisco switch stacks are configured such that any device or network-cable may fail without causing outage.

RAM (dedicated)192 MB384 MB768 MB1536 MB
SWAP256 MB512 MB1024 MB2048 MB
Diskspace3.000 MB4.000 MB7.500 MB12.000 MB
Traffic25 GB50 GB100 GB250 GB
OS VersieDebian / Ubuntu / CentOS
Price/mo.€ 15,00€ 25,00€ 40,00€ 65,00
Prices are excluding 21% VAT. For more information regarding the packages or special requests you can always contact us

To order, please mail order@gothica.nl